ESHS Equestrian Alumni

ESHS Equestrian Earlier Founder Shannon Nuth

The Nuth family has been a part of the Elizabeth Seton Equestrian Club through several founders and has been proud to host both for supporting the wonderful participants that the club as seen over the years as well as in memory of a former founder, Shannon Nuth. Shannon absolutely loved the horses and the club.

ESHS Alumni Success Stories

ESHS Equestrian 2014 ISHS with Here Comes Lucy Amirah & In Your Dreams

Amirah Redmond

Class of 2022
"Joining Seton’s Equestrian Club was one of the best decisions I’ve made! I’ve loved horses since I was a little girl but didn’t start riding until I was about 15 years old. (It’s crazy to think my passion for horses all started with a show called Heartland.) I am very grateful the club came along when it did because horseback riding isn’t cheap and I started taking fewer lessons because of the expense. Since joining the club I’ve expanded my knowledge of horses, leadership, and community. Being around others who share the same love for horses is the best feeling ever. For me, the barn was an escape from real life, a place where I could go and clear my head. I've always learned something leaving the barn whether it be big or small. When I think back to my first ride, I can see how much I have developed as a rider and a person. I am so thankful to Jenna for bringing back the club and for everything she has taught me:)"

Kya & In Your Dreams

Kya Ebuwei

Class of 2022
"I joined the Seton Equestrian Club as soon as I heard that they were restarting it again. I had actually ridden before at a summer camp that I would come back to every summer, so I went in pretty confident. But one thing about joining this barn, it reshaped my definitions for a lot of things. First of all that, I knew nothing that I thought I did. I thought that I was advanced, until I took a real look at my technique and started rebuilding it along with some other knowledge. I didn’t know what strength was until I was hauling hay bales, or what cold was until I would ride with hand warmers stuffed in my boots on winter nights. I didn’t understand what self confidence was until I realized that a horse’s performance also depended on you being a firm leader and partner. Or even most out of everything, pride in a pursuit when I saw progress in myself. This hobby had grown into a part of my life. Though I would take breaks or get distracted by mountains of homework or keeping up with friends, I always found myself wanting time to use my hands and immerse myself in some personal time with the girls (Silver counts as one of the girls)."

Tia & The Mares

Tia Joseph

Class of 2021
"So far, I have successfully passed 12 formal grades of schooling. But, I truly believe I have learned more core lessons in 2 years of being president of the Elizabeth Seton Equestrian Club, than I have in those 12 years. Bringing back the equestrian club meant that I had be a leader. It is the same as an equestrian, you must lead. However, there is a huge difference between leading and being a leader. Equestrian club has taught me that you cannot lead without first learning. The horses, my teammates and Jenna, have taught me to listen, communicate, set goals, pick my battles and most importantly, be patient. I have lifted up others and allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to receive the same. For two years, I have been a student and a teacher. Even after graduating they continue to teach me that we may move on but we never truly leave those we love behind. I thought that becoming the president of the equestrian club meant I had to lead them into becoming a club but they have led me into being a better person. I aimed to create a team, but through it all we created so much more. A family."

Aryannah & Dark Delight 2021

Aryannah Nasser

Class of 2021
"Since joining the Seton Equestrian Club in 2019, I have never regretted it. Before I found out that Seton was bringing this club back, I had asked my mother if I could take up horseback riding. She said no since riding horses is expensive. The following week or so is when Jenna held an information session about starting the club, and I was very excited. As soon as I got home, I told my mom about it since all we needed to buy was riding gear, and every other expense was just for fun. Because it was the first time I had ever ridden a horse, I was very timid and nervous when I started, but Jenna taught me everything I needed to know and made me feel comfortable. When the club started I was on and off because I did not have confidence in myself. Then COVID started and my mom didn’t let me go out anymore. After we started back up again for the 2020-2021 school year, I went out every weekend. In November of 2020 I added a day for me to come out on my own so that I can learn even more and progress a little faster than the club sessions. My career as a rider began to progress at that point and a second and third day were added for me to come out soon after. As my mom likes to say, the barn is like my home because I am always there and am always talking about the horses. My experiences with the ESHS Equestrian Club helped me gain a lot of confidence in myself, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to join it. Going forward, I am incredibly grateful to Jenna for letting me keep riding with RPE and being a part of the team. I can't wait for all of the future adventures and learning opportunities that lie ahead."

Ashanti & Celtic Class Christmas 2019

Ashanti Mangrum

Class of 2019
“The Seton Equestrian Club allowed me to meet fellow Seton sisters with similar interests. Our shared passion for all things horses enhanced our friendship along the way.”

Nadia Khan

Class of 2017
"Being part of the Elizabeth Seton Equestrian Team was and still is an immensely rewarding parts of my life for many reasons. One of the most important aspects of the team was the family it provided me. As an older sister of seven brothers, I never had any older sibling figures until I went to tryouts the summer before freshman year and I automatically had older sisters that would give me advice on anything and motivate me to be my best and be myself. So as a freshman, I already had a little family that was there for me on the first day and made me feel welcome and appreciated. In turn, I was able to become an older sister and mentor to the incoming freshman on the team which was a beautiful experience also. In addition to family, my riding improved as the years went by. So much so, I was able to compete in the highest level--which I never thought I would be able to do. Plus, I learned valuable leadership and people skills from our team captain that inspired and led me to become the team captain my junior and senior years. I cannot forget the most incredible, fun and noteworthy team bonding riding activities we did. We went trail riding, rode in the dark with glow sticks, swimming, played games, had pony dress up competitions, you name it. All of this made the competing part less stressful because we were so comfortable with horses and I now advocate for us to do similar activities on my college equestrian team.
Nadia at WIHS Puissance
Another really important aspect of the team that has actually shaped my career path was the fact that I had a home away from home where I had responsibilities and a comfortable place to go whenever I was stressed. As an expensive sport, our team coaches and mentors where very understanding of our members financial situations and provided us with opportunities to help. I became a working student and the barn became my second home. At the barn I learned about all the different aspects of Equine management, nutrition and care. I was able to learn about signs to look for in sick horses, the common medicines we can give, the proper practices for overall horse health and more. I was also able to be a camp counselor during the summer time with other members of our team and I found my passion for teaching. All of these experiences led me to get the job I have now as an animal caretaker and educator at a nature center and farm. Plus, as a prevet student, I cherish the tools and knowledge I have gained that have propelled my career forward. I could not have made the long lasting friendships, family and life-skills that I have under my belt, without the Equestrian Team."

Confident Afroditi

Afroditi Papadopoulos

Class of 2014
“When I joined the Seton Equestrian Team in the 10th grade, I was a more reserved person and a somewhat timid rider. The three years that I was a part of the team, I was able to grow both as a rider and an individual. I was able to gain experience and learn not only from my coaches, but the other girls on the team. After high school, I had the necessary tools and attitude to go on to be a successful intercollegiate athlete and the captain of my IHSA team, and I even have maintained friendships with many of the girls that I rode with while on the Seton Equestrian team.”

Rachel coaching at BEST

Rachel Turk

Class of 2009
“My time with the Seton Equestrian Club impacted me as both rider and teacher. I was able to attach myself to my school through my passion, and I am able to continue that connection with teaching and mentoring. My time as a coach has helped me realize just how lucky I was to have the equestrian club as a student, and I support its growth for the next generation of riders.”