Reigning Phoenix

Our reign has just begun.

RPE at Pimlico's Canter for the Cause 2019

Who We Are

We are a loyal family of dedicated, backyard equestrians who love our horses and our adventures with them. We strive to be innovative, creative, determined, and fearless in our pursuit of adventure. We are not afraid to try new things and we are always looking to aim for excellence in everything we do. Above that, we take great care in remembering to create a fun and challenging learning environment for all.

Vivi & Chloe soaring bareback

What We Do

  • We believe strongly in adventure and growth.
  • We aspire to take every challenge with a smile, reflect over the lessons learned with each one, and brainstorm our individual goals and dreams.
  • We transform timid and polite riders into confident leaders with a strategy and sense of adventure.
Swimming with Dreamer 2019

Why We Exist

We're here to jumpstart a rider's heart with passion should they find themselves falling into autopilot. Too often, we see riders faced with limited opportunities and dreams that are cut short due to a rigid structure or a lack of access to this amazing world with horses. We understand what it means to work hard for what you want and to keep getting back on the horse when you take a fall. If you give us your heart, we'll give you ours.

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RPE Horses

Our mares have been part of the family for over a decade.

In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

Celtic Class

Celtic Class

Dark Delight

Dark Delight